Woman stabs boyfriend with shisha pipe needleNicole Maria Ferreira da Costa, 20 is accused of killing her boyfriend following a row over a ‘samosa’. Picture: Newsflash

A woman in Brazil has been charged with murder after she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend to death with a shisha pipe needle.

Nicole Maria Ferreira da Costa, 20, is accused of killing Adailton Gomes de Abreu Sousa, 24, following an “immature” row over a “samosa”.

He was found dead at her house in the Aparecida de Goiania municipality of Brazil on September 18 last year.

According to police, the woman used the hookah needle during a trivial argument over a typical Brazilian fast-food pastry dish called a pastel – similar to a samosa.

A hookah is a water pipe used for smoking tobacco and the needles are used to poke holes in the foil on top of the hookah bowl so that heat can be transferred from the hookah coals to the shisha tobacco.

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The dispute allegedly started when the pair had gone out with Mr Sousa’s two sisters earlier in the day.

The couple started arguing over a pastel, and the argument continued when they went back to Ms Costa’s house, where she allegedly stabbed him in the nipple with the needle.

Mr Sousa’s sisters, aged 13 and 16, were outside the house when the alleged crime took place.

Investigators originally suspected Mr Sousa had suffered a heart attack before they noticed a wound through his nipple which had pierced his heart.

Chief investigator Eduardo Rodovalho told news site G1 the man was likely in “agony for a short time” before he died.

Ms Costa initially told the police that her boyfriend had attacked her with a broken hookah pipe and that she then stabbed him with the needle in self defence before seeking help.

However, investigators quickly ruled out the self-defence hypothesis after no injuries were found on the woman.

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Officers also noted that fights between the “immature” couple were commonplace.

Ms Costa was not arrested at the time, as she co-operated fully with the police and appeared genuinely distressed at her boyfriend’s death.

Mr Sousa was a mechanic and leaves behind a two-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. He had been with Costa for around two years.

Ms Costa has now been released on bail while she awaits trial.


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