New twist in Australia Post saga

Australia Post has responded to its former chief executive’s threat to sue with an offer and its own demands as the saga continues.

Australia Post has at the 11th hour confirmed it will participate in a mediation with Christine Holgate.

The former chief executive this week threatened to sue the postal service unless the federal government agreed to talks over her controversial sacking.

Ms Holgate claims she was unlawfully terminated in November after revelations senior executives were gifted Cartier watches, collectively worth about $20,000.

She warned that she would have “no option” but to sue once that deadline expired at 5pm on Wednesday.

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Australia Post issued a statement on Wednesday morning about the vexed employment issue.

“Australia Post’s lawyers have again written to Ms Holgate’s lawyers confirming that Australia Post will participate in a mediation,” it read.

“Given the public interest in this matter, and Australia Post’s wish to be transparent about it, we have asked that Ms Holgate agree that following the mediation, the parties will make public what she asked Australia Post to give to her to settle the dispute and also the outcome of the mediation.”

Ms Holgate’s legal team in April gave the federal government a two-week window to agree to mediation talks to minimise the “ongoing harm” caused by her departure.

“We have been advised the government requires more time to consider the offer to mediate and that Australia Post will not be able to meet the deadline,” her legal team said in a statement on Monday.

“Given there appears to be an absence of agreement to mediate this matter expeditiously, Ms Holgate will now have no option but to consider her legal options after the Senate communications and environment committee’s report into these matters is released on May 17.”


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