Mumbai: Man beats stray dog to death, booked

MUMBAI: An FIR was lodged against a 31-year-old salesman after he allegedly thrashed a stray dog to death at Bhagat Singh Nagar of Goregaon (West) in Mumbai on Tuesday.
A widely circulated video showed Imran Yunus Shah dragging the injured dog away from the spot to dump it in a nullah.
PAL, an animal welfare group, filed the FIR against Imran at Bangur Nagar police station.
“The video is highly disturbing. The dog succumbed to its injuries. I myself contacted Bangur Nagar police station to ensure that the FIR is lodged today itself. It is gathered that the accused hit the dog with a heavy stick only because it had come close to his motorcycle and touched its seat cover,” ACP (Anti-Corruption Bureau) and founder of PAL Sudhir Kudalkar said.
The police have lodged the FIR against Imran under the IPC Section 429 and Section 11(1)(A) of the Prevention for the Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.
“It is about time that a bill introduced in Parliament in August 2020 to strengthen our animal protection law is soon implemented, so that people think twice before hurting animals. For a trivial reason, this man has killed a healthy, local dog; so then who is the `crazy animal’ in such a scenario?” remarked animal activist Dr Nandini Kulkarni.
District animal welfare officer, Mitesh Jain, strongly commented: “Animals have an equal right to life. Animal Birth Control measure of sterilization is the only legal way to control the population of dogs and cats. It is callous on part of those armchair critics who suggest that `all dogs, cats should be taken away’. Those who say that India must follow the American system of putting dogs in `kill shelters’ so that they can be painlessly killed, are cold hypocrites and have no compassion for animals.”
Watch Shocking! Man beats stray dog to death in Mumbai’s Goregaon, booked


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