London elections 2021: ‘Care leavers need better housing support’

When young people in care leave the system, they often face numerous challenges, with housing being one of the most significant.

Sara Ahmed, 23, from Pimlico, was in foster care until she turned 18, when she then had to live independently.

She was given accommodation in hostels, which she says offered poor living conditions, but knew other care leavers living in tents and derelict buses.

Sara has been waiting four years to be housed in suitable accommodation, after being told it would take about three months.

She wants the new mayor of London to do more to ensure there’s enough affordable housing in the capital and help care leavers find suitable homes.

Video by Jamie Moreland


What’s happening: On 6 May, people will vote to elect a mayor and 25 members of the London Assembly. Together they form the Greater London Authority, which governs the capital.

Why does it matter? The mayor has a £19bn budget, is responsible for transport and policing and has a role in housing, planning and the environment. The London Assembly holds the mayor to account. Find out more here.

Who is standing? There are 20 candidates running for London mayor and a full list can be found here.


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