India travel ban a ‘terrible stain’ which betrays ‘panicked’ political response

Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly has conceded Australians could die overseas due to the India travel ban. In response to the escalating crisis in India and ban imposed by the Morrison government Sky News host Andrew Bolt said, “I just think this is a terrible stain that betrays how panicked we are with fear”. “What we are now saying with this ban is if you happen to get sick in India, an Australian citizen, take your chances with their hospitals.” Professor Kelly sent a letter to Health Minister Greg Hunt on Friday asking for the travel ban to be implemented. In the letter he also asked for it to be made an offence for travellers who had been in India for past 14 days to enter Australia. Professor Kelly acknowledged the consequences of such a decision could result in Australians suffering serious health issues and in the worst-case scenario dying. Mr Hunt has defended the use of the Biosecurity Act as a necessary step to protect the country from further outbreaks.


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