Furious note takes aim at ‘dumb’ neighbour

One furious Perth neighbour has really let loose in an expletive-laden rant. WARNING: Lots – we repeat, mean lots – of swearing.

A Perth resident’s furious – like, really furious – note to their noisy neighbours has gone viral after it was shared on a popular Instagram page.

Addressed to the “inconsiderate little f**ks”, the expeltive-laden letter (which contained no less than six variations of the F-word) chastised the note’s targets for being “dumb inconsiderate sh*ts”.

Writing that the building “used to be a nice and quiet apartment complex” it accused the neighbours of finding “a way to f**k that”.

“Why is it that every f***ing night between 1-4am you find the f***ing need to drag furniture around, stomp through your aparmtnet, run your washing machine and have mates over!?” the note, which was posted to the Bell Tower Times Instagram page, read.

But the letter didn’t stop at complaints about the noise, instead accusing the neighbours of being “d**k head American try hard hip hop c**k heads”.

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“We sleep at reasonable NORMAL times, but no – old JayZ and Dre need to have their mates over, popping ya little whip cream gas cylinders and apparently run a furniture removal company through the early hours of the morning!!!”

The note ended by requesting the neighbours “F**k off to a suburban house and do your dumb inconsiderate sh*t”.

It also said that every time the neighbours made noise after 11pm it will be “documented, recorded and passed onto the strata company”.

“Thanks for your time Flavor Flav and Coolio,” the letter – we can safely guess – sarcastically signed off.

The letter soon got hundreds of comments, with many labelling the writer’s sassy tone the “best thing ever” and a “great rant”.

“You will never understand what a great letter this is until you have lived with noisy neighbours,” one person wrote.

But others labelled it an example of when “a Millennial becomes a Boomer” and said that while it was reasonable to expect quiet, the note had gone about it the wrong way.

“Some of the content in this letter is inappropriate but yes everyone needs to shut up even not in apartment complexes, like just shut up,” one person said.

Brisbane couple’s ‘mortifying sexcapades’ slammed in note

It’s not the only furious neighbour note to go viral recently, with a Brisbane couple “traumatised” after their new neighbours complained they were making too much noise in bed.

“We were woken up this morning at around 12.30am mortified, drifting from what we thought was a nightmare into reality with the sounds of … loud moaning and groaning,” the note read.

“You are showing very little respect for the people living all around you who have little kids who are traumatised by the noise!!

“Your sexcapade was then followed by laughing and chatting until very early morning hours.

“We can actually hear every word you say. Can you please keep it down?”

The note ended with a threat to “name and shame” their address in a local Facebook group as well as warning there were “recovering sex and porn addicts” nearby who didn’t want to hear their sounds.
However, the letter has since had the opposite effect after it was shared to Reddit where people brutally mocked its bizarre detail and threats.


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