Bikru tastes democracy after 25 yrs,elects a Dalit woman as village head

Kanpur: Democracy was restored finally after a long gap of 25 years in Bikru village, which gained notoriety for the brutal massacre of eight policemen, including a deputy SP, in July last year by the dreaded ganglord Vikas Dubey and his henchmen.
Dubey, who was later arrested and killed in an encounter, used his muscle and gun power to terrorise the villagers and had hijacked the entire electoral process.
The people of Brahmin-dominated Bikru village, which saw candidates picked by Dubey getting elected election after election, finally got to exercise their franchise and have elected a Dalit woman Madhu as their village head.
The post of the head of Bikru gram panchayat was reserved for the Scheduled Caste this time and with no fear of the ganglord as many as 11 candidates had filed nominations.
Madhu polled 381 votes and got elected as head of Bikru village on Sunday, defeating Bindu Kumar who got 327 votes.
Villagers, who had voted on the diktats of Dubey for over two decades, said it’s an entirely new feeling for them.
“Earlier, no one could even dare to think of contesting or voting for any other candidate, else they were tortured by the gangster and his goons,” said a local Gunjan Singh.
“Democracy or elections existed merely on paper here in Bikru. No one used to campaign here and Dubey would field his relatives or henchmen as candidates. This time, the contestants went door-to-door to seek votes,” said Meena, an elderly woman of Bikru.
Dubey was himself elected unopposed as the head of Bikaru gram panchayat in 1995.
In 2000, when the seat was reserved for Scheduled Castes, Dubey fielded Gayatri Devi and got her elected unopposed.
In 2005, Anjali Dubey, the wife of Dubey’s younger brother Deep Dubey, was elected unopposed.
In the 2010 panchayat elections, when the seat was reserved for other backward classes, Dubey got his aide Rajnikanth Kushwaha elected as village head.
In 2015, Vikas again fielded his younger brother’s wife Anjali and she was elected unopposed.



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