Australians warned about hidden dangers lurking in their kitchensChoice has warned Australians to check for appliance recalls.

Australians are being urged to scour their kitchens for recalled appliances, with a consumer advocacy group warning residents risk serious burns, lacerations and even explosions from faulty products.

According to Choice, more than 30 kitchen appliances have been recalled in the last five years.

“Unfortunately, only around half have been returned,” Choice editor Marg Rafferty said.

“There could be hidden dangers lurking in your kitchen. The list of recalled products come with a terrifying range of risks (including) flying blades, shattering glass, scalding burns, leaking gas and more.”

She argued these dangerous flaws were often only picked up after the product hits the shelves and ended up in a customer’s home.

“Choice is encouraging every Australian to check their kitchen for recalled appliances, get the refunds they’re entitled to and keep their loved ones safe,” Ms Rafferty said.

Ms Rafferty also encouraged Australians to check their kitchen appliances are functioning correctly by paying close attention to seals, doors and hinges.

“Products like pressure cookers and blenders can have their seals deteriorate over time,” she said.

“If your appliances are a few years old, it’s worth checking any seals are still working effectively. Most manufacturers can supply replacement seals for products like pressure cookers or blenders.

“It’s also worth inspecting the doors and hinges on products like microwaves and assessing any gas appliances you have for potential points of leakage.”

Consumers can find a full list of recalled products on the Choice website.

They range from blenders to kitchen scales and gas cookers.


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