Asteroid equal to the size of football field to fly past Earth on May 4, but here’s the good news

NASA has detected another asteroid heading towards the Earth at a much faster pace than the previous ones. This comes after the God of Destruction Apophis, and the biggest asteroid of the year 2021, has passed through the Earth. Scientists have said that this asteroid will pass safely from a distance of about 3.4 million kilometers from the Earth. 

The new asteroid called AF8 is the size of a football field and that is why NASA scientists are keeping a close eye on it as it could dangerous, as per the US Space Agency. According to scientists, this asteroid will pass near the Earth on May 4.

NASA estimates that this asteroid ranges in size from 260 to 580 meters. This asteroid was first discovered by scientists in the month of March. 

AF8 is much smaller than other large asteroids that have passed by the Earth in space, but it is still very dangerous. The agency said that the 2021 AF8 asteroid is passing near the Earth at a speed of 9 km per second. NASA JPL has classified 2021 AF8 as a “Potentially Hazardous Asteroid” due to its predicted close pass(es) with Earth. 2021 AF8’s orbit is determined by observations dating back to December 25, 2020. It was last officially observed on March 4, 2021. The IAU Minor Planet Center records 157 observations used to determine its orbit.


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